Our Issues

We measure our support for candidates, initiatives, and policies according to our values and goals.

Local Priorities

At each meeting, we ask our members to identify their personal political priorities and why.
Here is the list of the issues that matter most to our members now:

Economic Justice

Fight for $15
Poor People’s Campaign
Free College Tuition

Environmental Justice

Climate Change
Clean Water

Healthcare Reform

Universal Healthcare
Prescription Drugs

Political Reform

Getting Big Money out of politics

Social Justice

Disability Rights
LGBTQ Equality
Racial Justice
Women’s Rights

Ms. Jones’
Anti-Racism Toolkit

National Priorities

We also support the progressive issues promoted by our national organization.

Disability Rights
Prescription Drug Prices
Strengthen Social Security
Medicare for All
Caring for Our Veterans
Empowering Tribal Nations
LGBTQ Equality
Women’s Rights
Affordable Housing
Puerto Rico
Racial Justice
Climate Change
A Living Wage
Creating Decent
Paying Jobs
Foreign Policy
Big Money in Politics
College Tuition
Income Inequality
Fighting the TPP