Our Revolution Endorsements


OurRev Kansas City endorses candidates, ballot initiatives, and party policies in local, state, and national government.  We do so only after thoroughly vetting them and holding an informed discussion and public vote by our membership.

An endorsement from OurRev Kansas City reflects the degree to which the candidate’s policies and practices are consistent with the political program of the organization. Vote “Yes” in this case.

Why did we not endorse in some races? Sometimes neither candidate is consistent with our organization’s goals. We did not list those races below. But if confronted with a choice between OK and worse, we encourage you to support the more progressive alternative. Vote “strategically” in this case.

But not all alternatives are acceptable. An explicit rejection from OurRev Kansas City reflects the degree to which we believe that the policy or candidate would only make matters worse. Vote “No” in this case.

Reminder to get out to vote on April 6th! There are several Kansas City Public Schools School Board members up for election. OurRev Kansas City is endorsing the following candidates:

Rita Cortes, First Sub-District
Cortes has served on the KCPS board since 2019. She has worked as a lawyer, construction firm CEO, and director of a not-for-profit organization. She has supported PreK-12 education. She opposes vouchers and wants charter schools treated like public schools. Regarding TIF’s, Cortes calls for a more rational public policy that better considers the district’s needs. Cortes is supportive of the progressive principles of Our Revolution.

Kandace Buckner, Fifth Sub-District
If elected, Bucker would be serving her first term on the KCPS and with her experience in education she can quickly become a contributing member of the board. She has been active with various organizations in the community that are involved with parents and education. She is the mother of two children (one in public school and one in charter school). She is an educator and a teacher of educators. She is personally involved in a teacher mentoring program. Buckner supports universal preschool. She does not support vouchers but believes in working with existing charter schools. She sees unions as partners. She believes TIF funds should be directed to needy communities. Buckner is supportive of the progressive principles of Our Revolution.    

Tanesha Ford, At Large Board Member
If elected, Ford, would be serving her first term on the KCPS. Ford attended KCPS. She has worked in education at two universities and as Executive director of the Kaufmann Scholars Program. She is a parent of two children attending KCPS. She wants consistent, transparent standards for charter and public schools. Ford sees unions as a legitimate voice for teachers.  She is comfortable with TIF development but only if it does not hurt the public schools. Our Revolution believes Ford has the real potential, as an at large board member, to be a visible and influential community leader for education. Ford is supportive of the progressive principles of Our Revolution.

Earnings Tax
OurRev Kansas City is also advocating for a YES vote on extending the Kansas City earnings tax. You can read more about the e-tax HERE and why we should support it HERE. Many other progressive organizations have also endorsed the earnings tax. See here.