Our Revolution Endorsements


OurRev Kansas City endorses candidates, ballot initiatives, and party policies in local, state, and national government.  We do so only after thoroughly vetting them and holding an informed discussion and public vote by our membership.

An endorsement from OurRev Kansas City reflects the degree to which the candidate’s policies and practices are consistent with the political program of the organization. Vote “Yes” in this case.

Why did we not endorse in some races? Sometimes neither candidate is consistent with our organization’s goals. We did not list those races below. But if confronted with a choice between OK and worse, we encourage you to support the more progressive alternative. Vote “strategically” in this case.

But not all alternatives are acceptable. An explicit rejection from OurRev Kansas City reflects the degree to which we believe that the policy or candidate would only make matters worse. Vote “No” in this case.

Our Research Process

We focus on publicly available information about the candidate including policy proposals, funding practices, past experience, and voting records. We may also solicit more information through a questionnaire, an interview, and wherever possible, a presentation to the membership.

What Does an Endorsement Mean?

When OurRev Kansas City requests that Our Revolution endorse our candidates, we can provide them with more support for their campaign. Unlike many other political organizations, our national organization responds to democratic decisions made in the local organization. Joining OurRev Kansas City enables you to help shape not just local and state decisions but also national politics.

Request an Endorsement

Candidates or issue groups should contact OurRev Kansas City to seek an endorsement.