An Evening with MEDEA BENJAMIN

Medea BenjaminBuilding a Peace Movement in an Era of Endless War

Reception and Book Signing after Talk

Medea is co-founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange. She’s famous for her gutsy confrontations with powerful plutocrats, an expert on the Middle East, a leader in the peace movement and she is a frequent guest on KKFI’s Democracy Now. Her books: Inside Iran: The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran & Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection.

This event is cosponsored by ORKC.

To order tickets, go to or directly to If you wish to purchase a table, contact Judy Ancel

Ticket Prices:
Talk Adv. $20/$25
Talk +1 book $45/$50
Talk +2 books $60/$65
Students speech only $10

Forthcoming Elections for ORKC Leadership 12 March 2019

Are you committed to progressive politics? Do you have a strong desire to lead and organize? ORKC is an excellent opportunity to step into a position of leadership where you can make a profound impact on local, state, and national politics.

In order for Our Revolution to remain current and strong, we believe it is important to pass the proverbial baton, allowing new leaders to bring fresh energy to our organization. At the same time, the earlier leadership team remains “on deck” to mentor and support the new leadership in order to build on our experience.

The members of our organization look for the following skills in its leaders:

community outreach,
strategic organizing
visionary leadership
and a willingness to work closely with candidates and campaigns.

But we welcome enthusiastic citizens who want to learn on the job!

The following Board Postions will come open to election in March 2019:

Missouri Chair
Missouri Vice Chair
Kansas Chair
Kansas Vice Chair

By stepping into these positions, you will be leading ORKC into the Democratic Presidential Primary in both MO and KS!

If you are interested in exploring these positions, contact the Board to begin a conversation using this form.

Board Elections are scheduled for March 12, 2019.

Monthly Meeting

Join Our Revolution Kansas City for our first monthly members meeting of the year! The agenda includes:

Review and vote on revised bylaws.

Candidate discussions and endorsements: Austin Strassle and Scott Casey.

Bob Hoffman, activist with impactful call to action in Kansas.


2019 Board Positions coming available March: Missouri Chair, Missouri Vice Chair, Kansas Chair, Kansas Vice Chair, Secretary, President (Board Elections are scheduled for March 12, 2019)

Become a voting member: more information here.

Livestream: Kansas City for Bernie 2020

Bernie LivestreamRun BERNIE Run

Grassroots building, Our Revolution Kansas City and Greater Kansas City for BERNIE 2020

Join us for a gathering of like minded, left leaning, Democratic Socialists, Green, Independents, Yellow Jacket Activists and ACTUAL PROGRESSIVES to prepare for 2020.

  • WE will not be ignored, mocked, or beaten down – we are the working class brothers and sisters fighting for our lives and the survival of the earth we walk on.
  • WE will stand together in spite of the establishment, big banks, big oil and gas – in spite of their hateful rebukes.
  • WE will fight like hell, with love for one another, as the very motive for our future together.
  • WE will have Medicare for All
  • WE will have a living wage for ALL workers
  • WE will have a Green New Deal – including Green Infrastructure and Green jobs.
  • WE embrace, protect, and love each other, no matter what color, what race, what nationality, sexual orientation, or religion because we are all human beings.

BERNIE has not officially announced he is running but WE will be ready when he is.

Medicare for All – The Road Forward

Join ORKC at this important event: Wendell Potter will explain the impact of the mid-term election results and where to go from here. Admission is free, tickers through Eventbrite, but donations to Unity Temple are welcomed at the door.

Potter first came to national attention when he testified in Congress about the damage caused by the misinformation campaigns he helped create as VP of Communication for Cigna – before he left Cigna and became an advocate for Medicare for All. Founder of the independent investigative journalism group and author of Deadly Spin and Nation on the Take, Potter will share his insider’s perspective on the state of American healthcare and how we can improve and expand Medicare for us all.

This event is hosted by Physicians for a National Health Program-Missouri.

Monthly Meeting

Please join us for our monthly meeting, featuring special guests, Loud Light and M4A Coalition, both offering opportunities for activism. Also on the agenda: community reflection on the midterms and the paths forward towards 2019 and 2020!

Help us welcome, Davis Hammet of Loud Light from Topeka! If you are not familiar with Mr Hammett or his activist organization, please learn more about his efforts here:

Our Revolution will honor Loud Light with a donation for their efforts to inform the citizens of Kansas about legislative actions as he sheds light on the dark underbelly of the Sunflower State.

Revolution to Resilience: An Evening with La Resistencia

Our Revolution Kansas City is hosting LGBTQ Latinx poetry group “La Resistencia” for an evening of Poetry and political engagement!

We will be joined by speakers from El Centro and the ACLU as well as Rui Xu, candidate for Kansas House District 25! We will be talking civil rights, social justice, community and the upcoming general election.