Forthcoming Elections for ORKC Leadership 12 March 2019

Are you committed to progressive politics? Do you have a strong desire to lead and organize? ORKC is an excellent opportunity to step into a position of leadership where you can make a profound impact on local, state, and national politics.

In order for Our Revolution to remain current and strong, we believe it is important to pass the proverbial baton, allowing new leaders to bring fresh energy to our organization. At the same time, the earlier leadership team remains “on deck” to mentor and support the new leadership in order to build on our experience.

The members of our organization look for the following skills in its leaders:

community outreach,
strategic organizing
visionary leadership
and a willingness to work closely with candidates and campaigns.

But we welcome enthusiastic citizens who want to learn on the job!

The following Board Postions will come open to election in March 2019:

Missouri Chair
Missouri Vice Chair
Kansas Chair
Kansas Vice Chair

By stepping into these positions, you will be leading ORKC into the Democratic Presidential Primary in both MO and KS!

If you are interested in exploring these positions, contact the Board to begin a conversation using this form.

Board Elections are scheduled for March 12, 2019.