Livestream: Kansas City for Bernie 2020

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Grassroots building, Our Revolution Kansas City and Greater Kansas City for BERNIE 2020

Join us for a gathering of like minded, left leaning, Democratic Socialists, Green, Independents, Yellow Jacket Activists and ACTUAL PROGRESSIVES to prepare for 2020.

  • WE will not be ignored, mocked, or beaten down – we are the working class brothers and sisters fighting for our lives and the survival of the earth we walk on.
  • WE will stand together in spite of the establishment, big banks, big oil and gas – in spite of their hateful rebukes.
  • WE will fight like hell, with love for one another, as the very motive for our future together.
  • WE will have Medicare for All
  • WE will have a living wage for ALL workers
  • WE will have a Green New Deal – including Green Infrastructure and Green jobs.
  • WE embrace, protect, and love each other, no matter what color, what race, what nationality, sexual orientation, or religion because we are all human beings.

BERNIE has not officially announced he is running but WE will be ready when he is.